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Pesquisadores conseguem avanços no combate da malária no Amazonas http://glo.bo/1e3qTKh Diagnóstico e tratamento de caso importado de malária que evoluiu para a forma grave em Santos/SP. http://www.revistamedicaanacosta.com.br/9(1)/artigo_5.htm FOLDER"CONHEÇA A MALÁRIA"http://www5.ensp.fiocruz.br/biblioteca/dados/txt_569194722.pdf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZc-IX0r_rw

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May Johnson disse...

Influenza in Bangladesh & LVPEF can help to Solve it

International center for diarrheal disease research institute has been working for the last 40 years to provide training about common diseases. CDC and IEDCR both are taking immediate steps to control the disease.

The main cause of the Influenza disease is RNA virus. Its most common disease in Bangladesh. Sometimes influenza makes children develop vomiting and fever. Adult people also feel physical discomfort , runny nose, muscle pain . This virus spreads around the world.

U.S centers and Government of Bangladesh recently published hospital based surveillance report , about 20 month influenza prevention and control efforts. This virus is two types type A and type B. National representative published data , from May 2007 to December 2008 3698 influenza affected people which 386 were positive. Among themselves 51% A type and 49% B type. Children are mostly affected by the disease.

Majority percent rural area people eat unhygienic food. If they use LVPEF( Low Voltage Pulsed Electric Field) then it may disable these and other germs. Using this device may bring good results.

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